Pós-Graduação em Biologia de Sistemas

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About fellowships/scholarships

Our Graduation Program is scored at 5 in CAPES rank, and that position allows us to nominate fellows to Master and Ph.D. scholarships, following some criteria:

1- Availability of fellowships

2- final result after selection exam or GRE

All fellowships are renewed on yearly basis, according to:

1- student evolution, reports and participation in activities organized by the Program

2- participation and collaboration of advisors in the different activies in the Program

About fellowships from CAPES and CNPq:

Informações CAPES sobre Bolsas

Informações CNPq sobre Bolsas



Scholarship applications from students with employment relationships of any kind will not be reviewed. The student and advisor must declare the absence of any such relationship. The Advisor – not the Scholarship Commission – shall be responsible for the information given by the students relating to the full-time fulfillment and absence of employment relationship or professional activity of any kind. If bad faith is detected in the completion of data in this regard, the scholarship, if awarded, will be canceled immediately, the advisor will lose the right to apply for new scholarships from the program, and the student will be required to reimburse the amounts to CAPES/CNPq.

In addition, scholarship recipients must meet the following requirements already in force, determined by the funding agencies: 1) full-time dedication to academic activities of his/her graduate program; 2) established residence in the locality where the course is held; 3) non-accumulation of a CAPES/CNPq scholarship with a scholarship from another CAPES program, from another funding agency, or national or international organizations; 4) not an employee or servant (teacher, researcher or technician) of the institution where the graduate program is held; 5) not a member of a medical residency program; 6) not retired or in a similar position.