Pós-Graduação em Biologia de Sistemas

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Deadlines and Credits


In the Master’s program, the deadline for filing the Thesis is 30 months, in the Doctorate and Direct Doctorate program, the deadlines for filing the dissertation are 48 and 60 months, respectively.



Master’s, Doctorate and Direct Doctorate students must complete at least 96 credits (32 credits in courses + 64 credits related to the Thesis), 160 credits (24 in courses + 136 referring to the Dissertation) and 192 credits (56 in courses + 136 referring to the Dissertation), respectively.


Obtaining Special Credits

 As special credits, a maximum of 16 credits may be awarded in the Master’s program; 12 credits in the Doctorate program; and 28 credits in the Direct Doctorate program. Awarding of special credits will be analyzed by the CCP on a case-by-case basis.

– In the case of a complete paper published in an indexed journal of Brazilian or international circulation (ISI) that has a recognized editorial staff, or chapter of a book of recognized merit in the area of knowledge, that is related to the project of the student’s thesis or dissertation, the number of special credits will be up to 6 credits. Granting of credits will be evaluated by the CCP based on the impact factor of the journal and the order and number of authors of the paper or chapter.

 – In case of filing of patents related to thesis or dissertation work, the number of special credits will be up to 3 credits.

 In the case of publication of a chapter in a technological manual recognized by Brazilian and international official bodies or in textbooks, the number of special credits will be up to 1.

 In the case of participation in Congresses, Workshops, Symposia or other type of scientific meeting, with presentation of a paper, and whereby the complete paper or abstract is published (in print or digital form) in annals (or similar) and the student is the lead author, the number of credits granted will be up to 2 credits per event. The number of credits granted by the CCP will be based on the scope and relevance of the scientific event, as well as on the presentation of the paper and in cases of awards.

– Teaching Improvement Program (PAE): in the case of participation in the Teaching Improvement Program (PAE – Programa de Aperfeiçoamento de Ensino), the number of special credits is equal to 02 credits per participation, obeying the maximum limit of 06 credits for Master’s, 10 for Direct Doctorate and 04 for Doctorate).