Pós-Graduação em Biologia de Sistemas

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For filing the Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation, the following documents must be submitted:

 * At the Office of Graduate Studies:

  1. Suggestion for examining panel indicated by the advisor. Note: a) the indication of the defense panel must include at least one professor who participated in the qualification examination; b) The participation of collaborators that correspond to potential conflicts of interest in thesis or dissertation defense panels shall not be allowed, namely collaborators that appear in the publications together with the student or the advisor, in the last 03 years.
  2. Student’s file, showing the number of mandatory credits completed;
  3. Copy of the Thesis or Dissertation work, on CD. The cover must include: student’s name, advisor’s name, level and year of completion;
  4. Program Completion Form
  5. Delivery of paper published and/or submitted, as determined:

– Master’s students will be required to submit the manuscript in the format of the journal in which the paper is to be published.

– Doctorate and Direct Doctorate students must submit a copy of a paper published or submitted for publication, in a journal with an impact factor equal to or greater than the median for the area (Biological Sciences 1), according to CAPES criteria, related to the respective area of insertion (as available on the website: www.capes.gov.br).


* At the ICB/USP Graduate Studies Service:

  1. The copies of the Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation, containing the Bibliographic Catalog Sheet issued by the ICB Library and the Protocol of the ICB Research Ethics Commission. The copies must be delivered to the Graduate Studies Service of the ICB/USP by the deadline for filing the copies. If such date falls on a weekend, official holiday or optional holiday officially established by the calendar and by the Institution, delivery will be allowed on the first business day thereafter.
  2. Statement of Advisor’s Consent.
  3. Copy of the Thesis or Dissertation work, on CD. The abstract thereof must be attached, in PDF format. The cover must include: student’s name, advisor’s name, level and year of completion. The copy on CD is filed directly in the ICB Library, which that issues a proof of submission that must be presented at the time of delivery of the print copies at the SPG/ICB).


Master’s and Doctorate 08 copies

Suggested dates for defense

The candidate, in agreement with his/her adviser, must indicate 2 different dates for the defense, and such dates must be no less than 30 days from the date of approval of the panel by the CPG-ICB.

Defense of the Title shall be carried out no later than 90 days after the date of the appointment of the Judging Commission by the CPG/ICB.

Defense presentation time

The time for presentation of the defense shall be no more than 30 minutes, with no minimum time.

** Attention!!! The Amphitheater available for Defense in the Academic Sector – Biomedical Building III, seats only 28 people