Pós-Graduação em Biologia de Sistemas

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Graduate Admission Process

The admission to the Graduate Program in Systems Biology occurs 3 times per year, usually on March-April, August and November.

It is mandatory the candidates be proficient in English. Proficiency in English must be certificated according to the Call for Applications (“Edital”).

Admission to the Graduate Program consists of a seminar on the research proposal, which will be evaluated and discussed with the exam board. PhD candidates will also be evaluated in text comprehension of a scientific paper abstract.

The Call for Application will be available in Portuguese on the following website: www.biologiadesistemas.com.br/ingresso/processo-seletivo/

Additional information on documents required for admission, accepted certificates, fee payment, dates of tests, and validity of approval on the admission process will be available on the Call for Application.

Typically, you´ll need:

1-  Fill in the “Admission Form

2-  Personal documents:

– copy of RNE or Brazilian entry confirmation, within validity

– copy of Passport ID page

– copy of Visa

– copy of Birth Certificate (or, if legally married, copy of marriage certificate)

3-  Academic documents and certificates:

– Copy of official undergraduate Course Transcript with grades; if applying for the PhD program, the transcript for the Master´s course as well.

– Copy of Undergraduate diploma (also the Master´s diploma for PhD candidates). If the original diploma is not in English or Spanish, it must be accompanied by a certified translation.

– Research proposal (should be written jointly with the potential advisor): maximum of 20 pages

Letter of application, signed by the prospective advisor

– for PhD candidates: Copy of Master´s Thesis

– fill in the “Curriculum Lattes”on the CNPq website  (http://lattes.cnpq.br/)