Pós-Graduação em Biologia de Sistemas

+55 11 3091-7306 (Biologia Celular, Tecidual e do Desenvolvimento) +55 11 3091-7258 (Biologia Morfofuncional)


The selection process for the Life Systems Biology Graduate Program- levels of Master’s, Doctorate and Doctorate Direct, happens 3 times a year, usually in the months of March-April, August and November.

It is mandatory that the candidate be proficient in English, which must be proven according to the norms published in the Call for Applications/Edital.

The entry process consists of project presentation followed by a discussion with the exam board. Candidates for Doctorate will also be evaluated in text comprehension of a scientific abstract.

The Call for Registration for the Selection process will be available in Portuguese through this site: www.biologiadesistemas.com.br/ingresso/processo-seletivo/

The call will contain additional information on documents required for registration, proofs, payment of fees, dates of tests and validity of the approval in the selection process.

Typically, you´ll need:

1) Proof of proficiency in English

2) Copy of Passport with the Visa

3) Copy of Birth Certificate

4) Copy of official undergraduate Course Transcript with grades; if applying for the PhD program, the transcript for the Master´s course as well.

5) Copy of the thesis proposal project (written jointly with the potential advisor)- 10 pages maximum

6) Leter of acceptance by the future advisor.

7) Copy of Undergraduate diploma (also the Master´s diploma for PhD candidates). If the original diploma is not in

English or Spanish, it must be accompanied by a certified translation.

8) Copy of Master´s Thesis (for PhD candidates)