Pós-Graduação em Biologia de Sistemas

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The Life Systems Biology Graduate Program (LSBP) aims to fully graduate professors/researchers to work at Academic Institutions or Research, Development and Technological Institutions in Cell, Tissue, Morphofunctional and Developmental Biology, mainly in Brazil and Latin America.

The LSBP is characterized by: multidisciplinary activity, flexibility, and stimulus to increase the number of academics in Life Systems and technology fields. The LSBP also keeps up with the changes in Graduate Programs in Brazil and in the world and with the needs from society.

In that context, the LSBP stimulates the integration of advisors and students within the Program and with others from Brazilian and foreigner Institutions to publish in qualified journals to show the results obtained. Additional activities are carried out to insert science and academic life into society. In one of these strategies, by considering the social context at basic educational area, the LSBP together with the Education Secretary in São Paulo started an online course to focus on Cell and Tissue Biology and make teachers learn and get in contact with the current advances in the field. Therefore, the LSBP tries to reach its aims and contributes to the scientific, academic and social scenarios.